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Our Products


Softeller is a web and mobile application that offers the general public the opportunity to make their financial transactions online and settle with the means of payment they have.

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Mobile Sales App (MOSA)

Mobile Sales App, MOSA, is a mobile application that facilitates the collection of payments by commercial agents via e-wallets, credit / debit card or cash.

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Receive your loan 30 minutes after request is the prime objective of Loan360.Loan360 is a secure and scalable system that facilitates the processing and tracking loan requests.

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IWOMI Mobile Banking

This secure, easy-to-use mobile app allows banks to offer all of their customers the ability to stay connected to the bank and make transactions from their accounts anytime, anywhere.


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Bkwiki (Bank Wikipedia) is a mobile and web application that allows citizens to access general information, general conditions, and banking services or products offered by banks in a country.

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Time Off Manager, TOMA, is a highly configurable system that provides a secure,fast and efficient way to manage employee absences and leaves, regardless of the industry, size, shape, organization or structure of your organization or business.

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Our Services

Finance Technology

IWOMI provides the general public and financial institutions with innovative, revolutionary, reliable and secure solutions that make banking and financial services more accessible, affordable and available.

Business Solutions

IWOMI offers its B2B customers a range of powerful management products to control their business. IWOMI also offers custom-made applications.


IWOMI accompanies its customers in the management of their projects of implementation or evolution of information system through an offer of assistance to the project management which goes from the development of the specifications to the post-production follow-up.

Training & Technical Assistance

IWOMI enables its partners to manage their technical environments by offering them services such as: Installation, Optimization, System Maintenance (Windows, Unix, AIX) and Database (Oracle, SQLServer), Backup Architecture and Training.

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