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  • B.P 7218 Bonanjo
  • Email: info@iwomitechnologies.com

Softeller - est un package d'applications

Web and mobile application for instant money transfers from abroad to mobile money accounts in Cameroon (for a start); Communication credit purchase service, Payment of ENEO figures, Camwater, Canal+, etc... The platform already has more than 10,000 users and with thousands of operations since the launch in 2018

Softeller also has APIs to allow payment sites and applications to accept payments on their e-commerce sites or platforms. Accepted payment methods: Mobile Money (MTN, Orange), Express Union, YUP, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, GIMAC. In the process of GIMAC certification for payment by QR Code GIMAC

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Quelques Fonctionalités

  • Money Transfer
  • Bills payment
  • Airtime payment
  • School Fees payment
  • Salary payment