• Phone: (237) 677 859 147
  • B.P 7218 Bonanjo
  • Email: info@iwomitechnologies.com

MOSA - est un package d'applications

MOSA is a POS (Point Of Sales) which includes a mobile commercial management application and integrates all means of payment in the ecosystem (GIMAC, Cards, Mobile Money, Bank accounts, etc.). Already available in several restaurants, wineries and mini-markets in Douala and Yaoundé

In addition to it's automatic calculation engine of scoring based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, the system, highly configurable, gives a 360° view of the process of credit processing,the demand, the analysis, the setting up till the deadline with a track of every step

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Quelques Fonctionalités

  • Gestion des produits
  • Gestion des ventes
  • Vente rapide
  • Collecte de paiement via carte de crédit/débit ou cas
  • Impression réçcu via une imprimante bluetooth
  • Mode offfline disponible